What To Do If No One Saw Your Work Accident

16 July 2020
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When an employee is hurt on the job, there is often someone else around who saw the incident and can offer a supporting statement. However, what happens if you suffer an injury at work and there are no witnesses to back up your claim?

Unfortunately, many work injury claims without any witnesses are denied initially.  If no one saw your work accident, contact a workers comp law firm for help and take the three steps below. These steps will help you better document your injuries and increase your chances of receiving the workers' compensation benefits you are entitled to.

Report Your Injury

Report your workplace injury to your employer and a doctor as soon as possible. Doing so will help you demonstrate that the injury did take place at the place and time you claim. This will also show that you were open and honest about what happened right from the very start.

Don't rely on a verbal report of your injury to your employer alone. This gives your employer the opportunity to deny the injury was reported to them. Ask for a work accident form and fill it out completely. Save a copy of the completed form before you turn it into your employer.

If your employer does not have a work accident form, send a written notice of the injury yourself to the employer via certified mail, return receipt requested. Save a copy for your records.

Mind the Details

Be as detailed as you possibly can when you report the accident to your employer and your doctor. Describe all of your surroundings at the time of the accident. Be specific about the place and time where the accident occurred.

Give a step-by-step account of what lead to your injury. Be honest throughout this entire account, but do not admit any type of fault.

Be Truthful With Your Doctor

Fully explain all of your injury symptoms to your doctor and be thorough in your account. Never exaggerate your injuries or mislead your doctor. All of the information you give to your doctor will become part of the official record of your case. Your own words to your doctor will serve as evidence in your case and could be used by the insurance company later to deny your claim.

If you're concerned about the lack of witnesses to your workplace accident, work with an experienced workers compensation law firm to help build a stronger case for your claim.