5 Workplace Problems For Which You Should Contact An Employment Attorney

12 May 2022
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You might think that as long as you're not doing anything illegal or immoral, you're clear when it comes to your workplace behavior. Unfortunately, that's not always the case; you could be the victim of various rights violations in the workplace. Before letting yourself get so far down the rabbit hole that you resign yourself to starting over with a new job, consider contacting an employment attorney and consulting with them about your options. Read More 

Top 4 Reasons Why Hiring A Customs Lawyer Is A Sensible Move

9 December 2021
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Customs lawyers are legal professionals who have extensive knowledge of customs law. They can help companies navigate the complex web of customs regulations and ensure that they are in compliance with the law. In addition, a customs lawyer can also provide representation in the event of any disputes with customs authorities. Why Should You Hire a Customs Lawyer? If you are looking for help with a customs issue, a qualified customs lawyer can be a valuable resource. Read More 

Vexatious Litigation And Your Discrimination Lawsuit

4 May 2021
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One of the biggest challenges that an employee filing a discrimination case might face is when an employer wishes to accuse the employee of being a vexatious litigant. This is when a litigant is accused of filing an excessive number of claims that are not warranted. If you are experiencing discrimination, you will want to make sure to consult with an employment attorney so you can build a solid case and avoid this accusation. Read More 

What To Do If No One Saw Your Work Accident

16 July 2020
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When an employee is hurt on the job, there is often someone else around who saw the incident and can offer a supporting statement. However, what happens if you suffer an injury at work and there are no witnesses to back up your claim? Unfortunately, many work injury claims without any witnesses are denied initially.  If no one saw your work accident, contact a workers comp law firm for help and take the three steps below. Read More 

What Should You Do If You Were Fired For Refusing To Work During COVID-19?

30 April 2020
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Working during a pandemic is a potentially scary and dangerous thing for many workers. For those in essential services, they deliver much-needed products and healthcare when much of the country is shut down. If you have refused to work during COVID-19 or any other pandemic or health crisis and were fired, what are your next steps? Do you have a case for a lawsuit against your company? Here is what you should do if you were fired for refusing to work during COVID-19 or any other health crisis. Read More